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sign homeZarin Mahd chemistry, in 1387 in the field of liquid fertilizers - fertilizers, water-soluble powder that is completely and utterly, and also micro-biological fertilizer and new fertilizer has been established in Iran do not have a history of building and staff experienced professionals to work in this field is chemistry. Golden cradle of chemistry, is proud to years of activity, the most important academic centers and industrial cooperation, and in this way the customer is always top quality and accountability of their activities put.



Design and production

Design and production of chemical products, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, ammonium sulfate fertilizer macro and distinctive golden cradle of chemistry.

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Optimization Service

Optimization Services Other Services Zarin Mahd Chemistry chemical products, which in increase production, increase efficiency and reduce emissions are presented.

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Zarin Shimi Products

Zarin Mahd chemistry, the premier supplier of chemical products, including liquid fertilizers, powder fertilizers as well as micro-biological fertilizers in Iran and around the world.

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